• LIN and KOG announce the launch of official service for Grand Chase


    April 25 2011. - KOG, one of Korea's most recognized development companies, and Latin America's leading online games publisher LIN announce the launch of Grand Chase Online in all the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America, including major markets such as Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru. The service is available at www.axeso5.com starting April 20,2011 in OBT (Open Beta), and commercial service to follow.

    Grand Chase is a Free-To-Play, 3D-rendered fantasy adventure online game well known for its speedy action. Grand Chase has been the most successful (ranked 1st place) online game in Brazil for the past 3 years. Today it is successfully serviced in Korea, Taiwan, HongKong, Phillipines, Indonesia, Thailand and U.S . Next markets, Europe and Latin America to be launched during 2011.

    Grand Chase is an action title that allows players to connect online and battle the forces of evil. Players can group together in parties with as many as four individual players to take on every Dungeon and Boss within the game. It is well known for the PvP (Player versus Player) and has 13 characters, 40 Jobs, 40 Dungeons and 30,000 items for players to enjoy.

    AXESO5.com has chosen Grand Chase to be one of the most important initiatives for 2011, aiming to complement its current portfolio with a title that is already being played by numerous latin users in international servers. Hence axeso5.com will be able to provide more dedicated support, local payment methods and localized activities and events to this audience, through axeso5’s network of affiliated cybercafés. Axeso5.com believes that Grand Chase has the potential to become the #1 online game in the territory, as it has in other territories, most notably Brazil.

    About LIN: Operating under the www.axeso5.com game portal, LIN is currently the leading Online Games Publisher in Spanish-Speaking Latin America. It currently operates, among others, the highly successful Audition and Operation7 franchises, and is preparing for the launch of Karos Online. LIN has currently a base of over 2,5 million registered users, hosting a diverse portfolio of free-to-play online games with a micro-currency (axesocash) model that enables players to enhance their gaming experiences by purchasing virtual items. Axesocash is available to be purchased online and through a diverse network of local-currency denominated sales points, including an extensive network of affiliate cybercafes in the region. For more info, please refer to www.lin-la.com

    About KOG: Since it was founded in 2000, KOG has been a pioneer of online fighting games and online racing games in Korea. Having been awarded the Excellent Korean Technology Mark by the Korean government for its achievements in real-time simulation methods for vehicle motions, KOG has gone on to produce many popular online titles, including Grand Chase, Wild Rally and Bumperking.In 2003, KOG was elected for the Promising Frontiers of Contents award by the Korean Institute of Multimedia Content and Software. In 2006, the company was also awarded the 2nd Korean Information Technology Award by the Korean Association of Information Systems.

    KOG is the online game company which developes Grand Chase and Elsword. KOG also develops new games highly focusing on action, including Fighters Club.

    KOG's game gets lots of popularity from major publisher. Grand Chase and Elsword have been serviced in ten countries.

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